Part of PyCon Nigeria's purpose is to generate materials to help with Python education and advocacy all over the world. We intend to record all presentations and release the recordings on the web.

Everyone who is interested is encouraged to submit a proposal, regardless of experience level. PyCon Nigeria thrives on having talks ranging from introductory to advanced. If you are reading this, and you are interested in speaking at PyCon, we want you to submit a proposal. We are interested in a range of topics/ frameworks including web development, Design, Data Science, Networks, and anything else or Experience related to Python You might want to share with Us.

To Speak at PyCon NG Read the Proposing a talk page, sign up and create a speaker profile


These are the traditional talk sessions given during the last 2 days of the conference , Friday and Saturday September 14 and 15.

Most talks are 30 minutes long, but we do offer a limited number of 45-minute slots for important topics that promise to benefit from a more extensive treatment.

There is no official restriction on the topic that you propose for a talk session. Talks about Python or the Python community are most likely to line up with the interests of PyCon Nigeria's audience, and a key consideration that the talk selection committee will be thinking about is your talk’s ability to draw an audience. We observe a limit of one talk per presenter. You may propose more than one, but the committee will ask you to choose only one talk if more than one of your proposals is accepted.

To Speak at Pycon NG sign up and create a speaker profile


Do you think that you would be able to assemble 3 hours of material and lead a classroom full of PyCon attendees through learning a new skill, library, or technology? Then you might want to apply to be one of our tutorial instructors for PyCon 2018! , Tutorials would happen on the first day of PyConNG Thursday September 13.

Do not assume that you are popular and the reviewers already know you. You should include information that you think would be helpful to assist reviewers in deciding which tutorials to accept, based on both the subject being taught and the ability of the teacher. You can also include links to your bio, works, or Course Outline in the Additional notes section of the application

Note that if your tutorial is accepted You may be paid a honorarium. This is still being decided by the board.

To submit a tutorial at Pycon NG sign up and create a speaker profile

The deadline for both talks and tutorial proposal submission is July 15th. If you submitted a proposal you would hear back from us before the 3rd of August

For Enquiries and more information contact the Schedule WorkGroup